New Drapery Blind From Universal and Plastibec!

Vertical Blinds

Eight unique and expertly designed themes bring vertical blinds into the 21st century with innovation never before seen in the vertical blind industry. With continued innovation in the vertical blind category, we now offer S Shape Drapery Blinds!  To complement our line of Plastibec PVC, we also offer the most durable track on the market, the Sunteca Decomatic track. Easy to install and with a large array of options, our vertical blinds are an excellent choice for large windows and sliding glass doors. Options include a standard dust cover valance, square or rounded valance corners and either inside or outside mount.

 Valances - Our line of upscale valances elevates verticals to the next level.  Our valances can even be used with nearly any window covering product, allowing for continuity throughout the room or house.

Specialty Tracks - With our line of Decomatic tracks, the possibilities are endless. We have the ability to extend our tracks to 20 feet long and can make them into specialty shapes. We offer arches, custom bent tracks, angled tracks and top and bottom tracks. In addition, motorized tracks are available with either a battery pack or an AC adaptor.