Universal Window Coverings is a fabricator of Eclipse™ Shutters; the most versatile shutter on the market which focuses on a creative design ensuring elegance while its resilience is unsurpassed.  As a Greenguard Children and Schools certified product, this product has undergone extensive testing to ensure it maintains the highest standards of indoor air quality.  The options offered by this extremely durable product are extensive and can therefore be incorporated into an endless range of architectural styles.

Eclipse™ Shutters has designed a shutter using a high tech material which allows for many unique characteristics not available on any other shutter. 

Polyresin 3® construction allows for pockets of air to be designed within the louvers and frame pieces to prevent a large amount of heat transfer through the product which results in greater energy efficiency than solid construction.

Eclipse™ Shutters are ideal in areas which may be susceptible to water exposure.  Eclipse™ Shutters can be installed in bathrooms, kitchens and even porches without any concern for formation of rust, cracking, appearance of mildew or warping; something that wood shutters cannot promise.

Its child proof construction and material has many benefits, starting with it’s nearly indestructibility.  Dents and scratches are a permanent problem with other shutters and can be costly to repair.  With Eclipse™ Shutters, these damages are difficult to create, but very easy to repair without leaving any trace of damage.  The smooth finishes allow for cleaning any markings off of the shutter including permanent markers, crayons or anything else which can cause staining on other materials.  Child proof doesn’t just affect maintaining its aesthetic appeal, but parents can make a safe choice for their kids and pets by choosing a product which leaves no dangling cords.

The options offered by Eclipse™ Shutters create the ability to use this product on nearly any application.  The basics start with four frame styles, three sizes of louvers, four colors, two tiltbar options and bypass or bifold frames.  The real genius is that all of this can be created to fit any space from complex window designs to doorways and closets.

Our 25,000 sq. foot facility is conveniently located in Orlando, FL, where our company owned trucks deliver products as far north as Jacksonville and as far south as Fort Myers.

We invite you to discover the difference, which UWC’s commitment to excellence and mandate for superior customer service can provide for your business.  Please visit our showroom and speak with one of our friendly and knowledgeable representatives.