Illumasheer | Illumapanel

Illumasheer: The sheer vertical blind which upgrades a standard vertical blind into an elegant window covering, Illumasheer’s grace adds a high level of refinement to any room.  Illumasheer can be customized by matching fabrics with the PVC from which it hangs for the ideal light infusion.  Illumasheer can also be crafted with the customer’s own material to identically match other décor in the household. 

Design Option:  Illumasheer is available in thirteen beautiful patterns and over fifty colors.  Illumasheer comes standard with our cornice valance and the sturdy and dependable Decomatic track system.  This track system provides the unique capability for the sheer to hug a curved wall or bay window as well as full tilt and traverse motorization.

Illumapanel: To enhance the available options, Illumapanel allows two different fabrics to be sewn together and create a unique shade with side panels.

Valance: Illumasheer arrives standard with our cornice valance with the insert either ruffled or flat.

Versatility:  Most of the patterns are machine washable (with the exception of Crush and Fantasy Crush, which can be professionally cleaned by the manufacturer).  Simply wash the fabrics at home and instal