Horizontals - Wood and Faux Wood

Horizontal blinds are the most popular and cost effective way to dress up windows with products that will either maintain light control for privacy or allow the natural light of the sun to penetrate your home. The variety of colors, woods, patterns and options offered by UWC can personalize the look of any room to match existing décor.

Wood and Faux Wood Horizontal Blinds:

Our wood and faux wood blinds are a popular product which fit a large variety of windows and can provide for maximum privacy while leaving the ability to maintain your view when opening the blinds. These blinds will maintain a fashionable look with our large array of colors, choices between 2" real wood and 2" or 2 ½" faux wood slats. These blinds come standard with a decorative valance and return to match the slats, choice between cord tilt and wand tilt and cord coordination to match the blind. Hold down brackets, pins and spacers are available upon request.

Vinyl Horizontal Blinds:

A long-lasting and practical product, we offer a variety of choices in the 2" PVC product which is used to build a classic looking horizontal blind. Our extensive line can compliment any room in the house at an affordable price. Our valance is created using the slats which are selected and have returns for outside mount. Cord coordination is a standard feature as is the ability to customize blind controls.

All 2" and 2 ½" products can have any of our custom upgrades:

Routeless - To eliminate the customary route holes for the cords, we offer a routeless option which provides a cleaner look as well as maximizing light blockage.

Decorative Cloth Tape - To more accurately match the décor of a room and provide added impact with your window coverings, we can install decorative cloth tapes on your blinds. We offer an assortment of colors to match any room.

Motorization - Using Somfy motors, we can create window blinds which will tilt at the touch of a button. The tilt motors are concealed within the headrail and battery powered to maintain aesthetic appeal. The motors may be operated from a remote, light switch, or may be programmed to a timer to easily allow or prevent light in hard to reach areas, high windows, or large applications.

Mini and Micro Blinds:

Our line of ½" micro and 1" mini blinds are an affordable and effective way of providing light control with enough colors available to match the décor of any room. The durability of these blinds allow for installation in the most demanding areas of the house including kitchens, bathrooms and kids rooms. Standard features include a 2 slat valance, wand tilt and child proof tassels.

Routeless - A privacy option allows for maximum light control as it removes the route holes in which the cord traditionally travels.